Christine Murray

small mirror

Christine Murray

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tree’s bole coldfoots the mire,


gathers to herself a small black mirror,

enclosing then, into her skin

 a stray leaf dereliction

             (frozen /floating/ static)

 she throws out an image of birds,

tree births a shatter of birds, eddying -

swooning into black air.

Christine Murray

Chris Murray is an Irish poet. Her chapbook Three Red Things was published by Smithereens Press in June 2013. A small collection of interrelated poems in series and sequence, Cycles, was published by Lapwing Press in autumn 2013. A book-length poem, The Blind, was published by Oneiros Books in 2013. Her second book-length poem, She, was published by Oneiros in spring 2014. A chapbook, Signature, was published by Bone Orchard Press in March 2014. “A Modern Encounter with ‘Foebus abierat’: On Eavan Boland’s 'Phoebus Was Gone, all Gone, His Journey Over' " was published in Eavan Boland: Inside History (Editors: Nessa O’Mahony and Siobhán Campbell) by Arlen House in 2016.  Bio _ Compose Journal)

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