Jared A. Carnie

Returning to Bed

Jared A. Carnie

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I'm returning from the bathroom

where I've been aiming

at the side of the bowl

to be as quiet as I can.

I'm using my hands

against the wall

to guide myself

back in the dark.

I'm dragging my feet

to avoid tripping

or stamping

on Teddy.

I'm lowering myself slowly

to not bounce you

off this old mattress.

I'm putting my arms around you.

I'm breathing in your pre-bed bath

your taking your medicine

your yawny speech

I'm breathing in your dreams

your Ryan Gosling

your tense exams

and those days

when you could

walk unassisted.

I'm aware of death

and I'm bored of poetry.

You haven't heard

about Brexit yet.

Your fingers

move to mine.

Everything is ok


Everything is fucked.

Jared A. Carnie

Jared A. Carnie won a Northern Writers Award in 2015. His debut novel, Waves, is available now from Urbane Publications. He can be found at www.jaredacarnie.com