Simon Haworth

Return Ticket

Simon Haworth

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Along with how it beads and runs down the French doors

that open out onto the courts,

along with Friday evening’s monsoon conditions

when the streets flooded

and all the bars’ outside tables emptied,

along with its rushing off the awning of one store

to ruin the vendor’s supply of final editions,

there is the heavy shower,

the one that was forecast to fall and didn’t

making good the return ticket I’d bought

for Burton Road, waiting there for the last tram to arrive,

two girls in floral dresses on the seats further up

delighted by a passing white cat, their night out

and the ways in which they might accessorize.

Simon Haworth

Simon Haworth is a poet, writer and lecturer teaching in further and higher education. His poems and reviews have appeared in The Wolf, Poetry Ireland Review, The North, Abridged, The Manchester Review and Irish Studies Review, amongst others. He has a chapter on Derek Mahon due to appear soon in the new Wiley Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Literature.