Jo Burns

Migration of the Hummingbirds & Finding Symmetry

Jo Burns

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Migration of the Hummingbirds

What you have heard is most certainly true:

Others fell in sure and certain hope,

but like mine before me, I am a violetear.

When our world wilted, we took firm flight

Mars red, zirkon yellow, scuba blue,

in topaz dazzle and indigo thrill.

Awash with blush, and sedulous

we flew on streams, Durban bound,

flitting over antipodean green land

chimera brained, our gorgets plumed,

of Rhodesian, Irish, Scottish descent,

we landed in the bowls of Saskatchewan.

In vibrant flight paths of Coriolis, 

we flew from Torpor in circadian thread.

Language burst in our throats, in charm and thrall,

and some of us even chanted as poets.

We gulped In the gyres of new found cultures

Squinting into the smog which swallowed the sun,

but Kaleidoscopes chirped in our ruby syrinx throats,

and we sang the song of iridescence.

"our circles of flight are perfect symmetry

bringing each generation back to the start

may each word wing those who haven’t yet learnt flying

may those still sequestered, hum into the dark"

Finding Symmetry

I like it best when things deflect.

Let the ocean spread as mirrored glass.

Let it unfold my own dimensions,

Let sun spread in wash, a simple kind

of reflection, Like when I look at you,

laying past said’s to did’s on sand grain piles

forming foundations for future what if’s

curving spirals for your life’s nautilus.

Let the ocean hold the time I held you,

Bloodied, vernixed, tied by pulsing cord,

I unfurled and couldn’t love you more,

Narcissus drowned to newborn echoes.

It's known the heart cannot hear itself,

but in your own fibronacci swirl

Let the ocean reflect my diffracted beat,

where chaos in a whirl became symmetry.

Jo Burns

Born in Maghera, County Derry, Northern Ireland, Jo Burns writes of rural Ulster idyll juxtaposed with the ever looming presence of the troubles. She is a 39 year old biomedical scientist and mother of three. She has resided in Chile, Scotland, England, and now lives with her family in Germany.

She also enjoys writing poems inspired by travel, and dabbling in german poetry translation. To date, her poems have been published by A New UlsterGreensilk JournalThe Galway Review, featured in The Irish Literary Times  and are forthcoming in Dove Tales Anthology Identity. She is currently working on her first collection.