Michael Mc Aloran

Writhing & Stitch

Michael Mc Aloran

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breath(en) fall

atrophy of meat/

          din of the malign bones

 all shorn

          asked of

tears that the dead do not ponder

asked of the spasm

    break lest you’ll ever answer

fallen/ earth(en)

sky alone will not save nor the futile heart of it

rat’s teeth in a gullet gallery the meat hooks sway

raw as carcass kisses of the night

(said again)

I writhing               in the

              shit of it


blind scars/

   the laughter’s abyss

settled to the shiv of breath


the stitch of reprieve

spun dead

but one/ lock-alack/…

(silent as…

     wavering of…)

when wavering walls blind mine I


as if/ because/ said/ murmured

bleak ash

the blood beneath the fingernails of silence

mocking the itch


of the redeem

Michael Mc Aloran

Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast born, (1976). He is the author of a number of collections of poetry, prose poetry, poetic aphorisms and prose, most recently, 'longshadowfall' which was published 2017 by Editions du Cygne (FR), who went on to publish "Catascope" in early 2018. Several further projects, namely, "The Black Vault", "all null having" & "nowhereon" were also published in 2018 by VoidFront Press. "till claimed", a chapbook, is to be published in the coming month by Veer Books, (U.K). Recent work has appeared in E.Ratio 26, Burning House Press, Brave New Word, Otoliths & Dispatches Poetry Wars...

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