GWH Thompson

What Truth Remains

GWH Thompson

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What truth remains of that unbroken night

when home we trooped by Beechie River’s

guiding light, that gently wending sliver 

of hope untrammelled by sectoral blight

in a city half-cut but not asleep,

its cocked ears scanning for faintest tread

of unfamiliar feet – the daily bread

and butter of spides on painted streets –

as we, Apache and Navajo, fleet

footed our way through murder mysteries,

comic capers, beat poets, the history

of Boneaparte’s disastrous retreat;

distraction tactics from fear of Cromwell’s curse,

conscription, trooping the colour and much worse?

GWH Thompson

GWH Thompson was born in County Down in 1968. He lives and works in France.