Gerald Dawe

Two Poems

Gerald Dawe

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Clearing Out

I pick up a ball of twine

to tie-off newspapers

for recycling -

thick brown twine

that's been here for ages -

twine from the butchers,

twine from the electricians,

twine for parcels

the kind everyone had -

alongside candles,

Camp coffee, waxed oven paper,

little bottles of essences -

the last thing

you'd ever think of

until you'd go looking

in the cubby hole

under the stairs

where the splintered mirror

lies upended,

reflecting whatever comes its way -

all those quick glances

before work each morning

or last thing at night,

taking in the sunlight,

the frost and the rain,

the unfamiliar heat,

the bedroom quiet.

East Pier

Not a bad day today

by all accounts, little bits

of mist hang above

our encampments -

villas wedged into cliff-face,

the grand terraces

overlooking the bay;

an older order of things.

Along with the sprightly

there's one or two giving

out on the latest iPhones

unassaugeable complaint.

So I keep to the east pier

under this cold blanket

of sky, patches of mist -

smoke from a camp fire.

Gerald Dawe

Gerald Dawe's ninth collection of poetry Mickey Finn's Air was recently published by The Gallery Press. Lagan Press will be publishing The Stoic Man:Poetry Memoirs and Early Poems this year.