Darcey Dugan

To Coexist

Darcey Dugan

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Birds squeak, click, hiccup,

cough like children caught on a cry.

Car doors deafly slam,

as whispers gather at picnic benches.

The rope tied to sea wall creaks 

and breeze slaps at flags

as ropes tap tap on whistling poles 

and leaves shuffle like a pack of cards.

The marsh squelches

like a wet blanket, water cushion -

sea and wind roar empty threats 

then lap gently at all our edges -

in the distance cars drive on 

and a large machine laughs.

Darcey Dugan

Darcey Dugan is a poet from Northern Ireland whose poems have been published in journals such as The Waxed Lemon, Púca, Creative Ireland's Poetry Anthology, and The Stony Thursday Book. She is a graduate of University College Dublin where she studied English with Creative Writing and was the editor of the university’s literary magazine. Darcey was also one of this year's Young Writer Delegates, representing The Irish Writers' Centre at The West Cork Literary Festival.