David Hay

The Loneliness of Evening

David Hay

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In the willing darkness

Of the hot ovary hour,

I faced the long silence

Of my spring love,

Whose breath– sour,

Full of clay flowers

And obsidian crusted birds,

Curdled in the moon’s light

Which illuminated

Nature’s sacred heart.

The stars, lonely as the dead

Spoke of the curvature of your ear

Of your toes curled up in a genderless dream,

Of your eyes swollen with the rain

That coats our primal skin,

In pre-historical hues.

In the corridor between life and death

Your thoughts knew no human language,

But your grammarless chants

Sculpted the darkness

Around the highest peaks

With an infant’s insanity;

Caring little for the human sorrows

You birthed in the iris of spring.

David Hay

David Hay is an English Teacher in the Northwest of England. He has written poetry and prose since the age of 18 when he discovered Virginia Woolf's The Waves and the poetry of John Keats. These and other artists encouraged him to seek his own poetic voice. He has currently been accepted for publication in Dreich, Abridged, Acumen, The Honest Ulsterman, The Dawntreader, Versification, The Babel Tower Notice Board, The Stone of Madness Press, The Fortnightly Review, The Lake, Selcouth Station, GreenInk Poetry, Dodging the Rain, Seventh Quarry and Expat-Press.  His debut publication is the Brexit-inspired prose-poem Doctor Lazarus published by Alien Buddha Press 2021.

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