Andrew Soye

The bee-mistress & Ghostwriter

Andrew Soye

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The bee-mistress 

has a bee in her bonnet;

the bee-herd, bees inside his head.

Together they are busy harvesting

honey. She’s the bee’s knees

he says. Debbie’s his queen.

She’s social, goes on

spelling-bees. He’s solitary,

writes all the time, composed.

He makes her bee wine.

She makes a bee-line, follows

the ‘Honey-guide’ cuckoo 

straight to the hive.  

She flies over Aries while

the bee-mouth sips.


It’s raining.

Nothing is moving

in the pawnshop window.

The ghostwriter

silently taps

the typewriter keys.

“A car hisses past”.

Andrew Soye

Andrew Soye is studying part-time for an MA in Poetry at Queen’s University. He has had poems published in Abridged, Honest Ulsterman, Blackbird, Bangor Literary Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, The North, Magma and elsewhere. One of his poems won the 2014 Kent & Sussex Poetry Competition and another was shortlisted for Poem of the Year in the 2016 Bord Gáis Irish Book Awards. He was a featured poet with Poetry Daily in July 2018. His “Picture Poems” are now available at Blackwells in Belfast and online at

 Photo by Ger Holland.