Elva Robins

Stop Bath

Elva Robins

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A moored sailing boat, three

small figures one bending

in the middle; a lego boy wearing

white trousers flared a lemon top

and a little girl smiling, in flip flops,

holding togs, connecting

with the photographer enough

to click, to expose the negative

of silver crystal to a flood of light.

To alter this interstitial salt

to metallic silver specks.

Four atoms, enough to develop

this negative into a pattern

of happiness. Moor it in stop bath

and then fix forever, the easy

confidence, the bright smile.

*stop bath and fixer are chemicals used in the development of photographic prints.

Elva Robins

Elva Robins lives and works in Dublin. She has a Degree from Trinity College Dublin and has a poem in the current issue of Skylight 47.