Theresa Muñoz

Some would say of us

Theresa Muñoz

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they are best friends & soul mates

twin brushstrokes on a page

they sense each other’s moods   finish each other’s fruit

often seen gripping hands      often seen gripping shopping bags

she’s far too serious and holds him back

he’s far too old and holds her back

some would say of us they always kiss / never kiss

press wet lips down the John Lewis escalator 

she lacks confidence and finds it in him

he wants stability and finds it in her

some would say it’ll end in tears      or five years

or one winter day tilted by sharp sun

& some might say different things

because all couples pick on other couples

at day’s end    when the trees are black sticks

& street noise thrums your tired ribs

you say things like:  what do they see in each other?

what keeps them together

as your bodies slip   under knitted sheets

shrugging off the future           why is there so much future?

& you reach for the curved shoulders

of the person you pledged to sleep beside summer winter summer

knowing some would say of you      knowing you would ask yourself

did you choose for better       or worse

Theresa Muñoz

Theresa Muñoz’s work has appeared in several journals in both Canada and the United Kingdom, including Canadian Literature, Poetry Review and Best Scottish Poems. Her debut collection Settle was shortlisted for the Melita Hume Poetry Prize. She writes regular reviews for Scotland’s Herald newspaper and is currently Research Associate at the Newcastle Centre for Literary Arts. 

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