Alan Weadick

School Run

Alan Weadick

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Austin Princess… Morris Mini,

VW Beetle … Datsun Sunny

Triumph Acclaim… Rover SD1,

Jaguar XJ-S… Ford Capri…

He named the dinky seventies

constellations from behind

the fogged back seat window

of a Toyota Corolla

until he was dizzy and hot

with the eyes and the mouth

that could never be big enough

to put a tail or a full stop

on the tilting globe

of his doubtless father’s making.

But made a panting fist

of it anyway until they fell

into their destination, buzzing

with sugary knowledge.

Who was he to put an end

to his Daddy’s untiring pride

which took the form

of breathlessness

in the driver’s seat

between answers,

and remained long after

all the cars grew up

and got slickly nameless

in the puking lay-bys

of a mind learning to walk

in the clouds, this holding

of the breath and tongue

between father and son

the bunched branch creaking

under a hundredweight of wind, a sky

crackling with injured fury?

And he still doesn’t know

how they drive or why.


Drive, he sd, for /christ’s sake look /out where yr going – Robert Creeley

What grainy scenes,

played out in nebulous zones

where sky meets road,

harden to flat-out fact

in the faces of the drivers

starring in their routine vehicles

projected on wing and rear view mirrors

inching toward the petrified city

to make them hold so

white-knuckle tight

for dear, grim life

baby, baby, deep down inside

as the songs go

over and over. And over

to you, Nitrogen Dioxide,

as the pre-pedestrian

children cough their way

into another Monday morning

every splutter a bang

of the gavel on the bench

of a Mister DJ Justice

who still dares to dream

just like a child

as many another song

whimpers that there is always

someone way up high, another,

hanging on his every word?

and the answer comes

insistent as my child’s

insistence on having his certain say

from the hub of at least one universe

inaudible under unconverted noise

while driving faces in repose

will admit to nothing

but their own right

to a lifetime of silence

and hair-trigger rages

as marchers, strollers and pedal- pushers

are all in their dozens devoured

by the bend in the road ahead.

Alan Weadick

Alan Weadick has had poems most recently published in Cyphers,  the Culture Matters anthology "Cry of the poor", The Stony Thursday Book and upcoming in Blackbox Manifold and Dreich. He lives in Dublin.