Cy Forrest

Replacing the Cobblestones

Cy Forrest

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10cc sold the building in the 80s,

says the coffee roaster

who lives in Stockport.

The irony’s in Joy Division:

love will keep us together,

love will tear us apart.

Later, observing the rules for

meeting people I don’t live with,

I weave between railings surrounding

the improvement works;

the smooth, worn cobbles

replaced by

(the sign says)

‘coloured surfacing’ —

past a tattoo parlour

and a vape bar,

whitewashed windows,

faded flyers behind a glass door,

to Waterloo Road

and a blue plaque on the wall

of the old Strawberry Studios.

A woman on her way to work

in a black casino uniform,

stops to look too,

surprised to see anyone about –

the casino’s allowed to open

but the streets are deserted;

the spike in Leicester did it.

It’s a lottery,

but if she wins

she’ll buy the old studios;

it’ll be

Strawberry Fields Forever.

Cy Forrest

Cy Forrest is from Manchester but now living in Wiltshire. He graduated from the Creative and Life Writing MA at Goldsmiths in 2002. Poems in Poetry Ireland Review, Abridged, Honest Ulsterman, Stand, Wombwell Rainbow, Spelt and others.