Marie Studer

Real Words

Marie Studer

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I see him at an acute angle

on the edge of the chair

hands above his knees,

as if it’s all happening

under the linoleum.

Purple patches march

on his once sinewy arms,

each breath vying

with the pendulum

out of sync with new time.

I stack delph on the drainer,

talk of weather, neighbours,

what the politicos are doing

to his occasional ‘aye’.

Suds swirl in the sink

while real words

are sucked down the drain.

Marie Studer

Marie Studer is a past winter of the Trocáire Poetry Ireland Competition, twice winner of the Bangor Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge and shortlisted in the Northwest Words Poetry Competition. Her poetry has been published in the Stony Thursday Book, The Waxed Lemon, Drawn to the Light Press, Dreich, Bangor Literary Magazine, Visual Verse, Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis and local anthologies.