Nina Parmenter


Nina Parmenter

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I babble in the night,

throw out unknown voices

in sharp streams of ack-ack

that stripe my bed. I’m

a prisoner, abroad, shouting

someone else’s word for bread,

I’m a girl calling the name

of an angel, as she grips

the cracked pearls in her amulet.

I am not asleep, I am

drifting wide of the mark, on a

dark jaunt through my own throat.

And I don’t know if I sound

inspired, enraged, or both,

but I’m sure it’s the only way

to warn off the void when it gets

too close, although I’m not

so convinced that it listens.

Nina Parmenter

Nina Parmenter’s first collection ‘Split, Twist, Apocalypse’ will be published by Indigo Dreams in 2022. Her poetry has appeared in journals including Atrium PoetrySnakeskinLight, Allegro Poetry and Ink Sweat and Tears. She lives in Wiltshire, but can be found online at or on Twitter @ninaparmenter.