Adam Stokell

Paints for April

Adam Stokell

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Birch in a cage of lawn and bricks.

Bones bored grey, stiff. Umber:

dislocated wing colour.

Gusts ground down and mixed with spit.

Stale bread to name that bird

turning stone in a habit of limbs.

Brush knows better than to sing so much as a muscle.

Go with it – sky,

humpbacked and breaching,

carves across a tight blue cold.

Clutch of aprils streaked with yellow –

listen to them fledge and leap from tins.

Flings of orange crash mid-swoop,

mistaking panes of glass for ponds.

Ready steady eucalypts, shrubs,

gathering featherings towards

red (tide that launched

a thousand wily blooms).

Boxed wine spilt

down around the roots

to drip.

Adam Stokell

Adam Stokell’s poems have appeared in numerous journals, including Porridge, Dust, Cordite, Meanjin, Meniscus and Unbroken Journal. His first poetry collection, Peopling The Dirt Patch, formed part of the People’s Library exhibit at the Long Gallery, Salamanca. He lives in Gagebrook, Tasmania.