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Not a sad person, just a sad one.

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  not a sad person, just a sad one. he

  sits in parks & does not enjoy himse

  lf. he does not know how to enjoy hi

  mself. he remembers people are dead.

  he remembers that people are dead &

  that he is not. these are not virtu

  es, listed. there is some mode of v

  iolence in his sleeplessness. in hi

  s hairline. oh brother, stop talking.

  to whoever was beaten, defamed. those

  hands, oh they are big! to whoever wa

  s beaten, defamed, offer them only

  the blue fire of their dormant tomorrows.

  he lives in British Columbia w/ his pa

  rtner & four horses. he boyfriend live

  in British Columbia w/ four horses. there

  is no blame. there is no relative blame.

  if there is blame, it is apportioned w/i

  n the context of a private dialect share

  d w/ four horses in British rural Columbia.

  if there is relative blame, it is sub

  limated [Freudy Beudy!!] in the name

  of instituting half-of-an-earth. British

  Columbia is not in itself an horse. four

  of them. uh-oh. symbol. these things are now co

  mmodity. a commodity is a Thing. get so

  me money in your fuckboy hat, wear your

  hat kinto fuckboy w/ your money on. where?

test22 test22