Rob Packer

Modern Life

Rob Packer

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I’m always too scared          of truth          to ask

how          what happened          which illness            did he suffer

the when I know        count condolences back           from mine

until          a happy post           unrelated news           photo at a party

three or four days        he’s been gone

did I know          did the algorithm show

this post from two           three        months ago

turn for the worse          hospital       loved ones

three or four years since         I saw him last

the machine can show me           december        chill

christmas market         two glühweins            a lost corner

weekend london streets

three or four days in       london              since then

too little time           too much shame            I knew

a friend sitting by a window         twenty hours before I left for good

he was ill         a different disease       I think

I had drafted so         many emails      in my head

I’m always too         scared         of truth to ask

Rob Packer

Rob Packer is originally from London, but has spent much of the past decade in various countries including Kyrgyzstan, Colombia and, currently, Brazil. His poems have been published in LighthouseThe MothOrbis, The Honest Ulsterman, the Dear Watson anthology and by the Poetry School. He also writes a blog, which includes translations and reviews of contemporary poetry, primarily from Brazil. A pamphlet of his translations of the Brazilian poet Thiago Ponce de Moraes was published in 2016.

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