Briana Corrigan

Me and The Honey Bee

Briana Corrigan

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Morning is warm and tender as I look

At the jar and the sun coming through, the

Light heaven without sound, mute,

Turned down choirboy sinking in orange is

A golden soprano and sun steals

Crackling and sloping, melting honey.

Aeolian songstrell in the garden blind and mute,

Lacking blue and closing. A spiral tumbling is

Danger rumbling in her eyes, spitfires in the

Sunlight. Still in whisper to your retreating back. Honey

Lamb? Loving is a wicked way to damage and steal

Leaving me blinking in the heat haze and looking.

Time is a mockingbird and I laugh but it is

Thin and cruel, so careless too, stealing

The glaze off the new day, making mute

The lovely singing that began it and looking

Tawdry in the water trough. Perennial pines, honey

Moon lines that I remember in the starting heat. The

Winter trees bow in the August breeze, the

Dull dangerous burring of the honey

Bees sets my mind on fire and it is

A bushfire eating all in its patch, stealing

Life from the rafts floating bees to lilies looking

Love in the open face and leaving it mute.

I run my finger around the rim of the glass and it is

Hot now. Soft pad pressing warm honey.

The winter eclipse passed me by as I looked

At the sky but saw only your lips mute-

Mouthing words; words alone no deeds to drive it home, the

Lies peeling skin off someone, stealing,

Like you’ve always done, what is

Not yours. Fine fingers built me a love nest, honey-

Comb cells in an apiary, queen bee mute,

Listening for morning song reaching melody into the

Segmented disharmony. But a cold spell steels

An open heart folding beating wings to look.

Sunshine on the water where bees gather, bathing moss

And pinecones, marbling honey in honeycombs. Fine netted

Eyes look; the mute is stealing honey.

Briana Corrigan

Briana Corrigan is a writer, singer and actor, best known for her work as lead singer with the English band, The Beautiful South. Briana studied at Queens University achieving a distinction in the Creative Writing MA program. She has released 2 self-penned, critically acclaimed solo albums. ( Her poetry has been published in The Stinging Fly and broadcast on RTE radio. Her short story, The Disappeared, appears in the anthology, The Write Stuff. ( Briana also writes for the stage and her first commissioned play, The Scarlet WWWeb, garnered positive reviews during its debut tour. (