Viviana Fiorentino


Viviana Fiorentino

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I kiss you

between my tongue 

                                                                and                                                        your tongue

(I look for a place                                                                                                   /the exact space)

I bury the scents of memories

(a new tongue cannot tell what we’ve been through).

This is the land, a pause of time,

                                                             this is the land I looked for.

This is the land, the gesture of your fingers,

                                                 when you open your palms 

                                                                                                   as a rose.

The place where we wait for

                                                                                                    a caress 

where I see your hand

                       move my hair

                       away from my face

with no sound it falls

onto my page like a word. 

Life stripped our clothes.


               Naked, a ground still has flesh below.

Viviana Fiorentino

Viviana Fiorentino is Italian and lives in Belfast where she teaches Italian. An award-winning poet in Italy, her poems, short stories and translations have appeared in international literature magazines (i.e. Nazione Indiana, FourXFour NI, Poethead, The Blue Nib, Paris Lit Up, Honest Ulsterman, Mantis - journal of the Stanford University, The Trumpet 9, Abridged). In 2019, her poems appeared in the anthology ‘Writing Home’ (Dedalus Press); in 2021, in the anthology ‘Days of Clear Light’ (Salmon Poetry). In Italy, she published a poetry collection (Controluna Press), in anthology (Arcipelago Itaca Edizioni) and a novel (Transeuropa Publishing House). She co-founded two activist poetry initiatives (Sky, You Are Too Big and Letters With Wings. She is on the editorial board of Le Ortique, a blog that rediscovers forgotten women artists. Since January 2020, she facilitates creative writing workshops for cultural minorities (SAME/DIFFERENCE, Quotidian Word of the Street Limited). She has been involved in many different festivals, poetry readings and projects (i.e. International Literature Festival Berlin, Bray Lit Festival, Imagine Festival of Ideas and Politics, festivals in the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin, Hillsborough Festival of Literature and Ideas 2019, LabeLLit 2018-19). She is a recipient of two SIAP grants (2019 and 2020) from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

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