Caroline O'Shea


Caroline O'Shea

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I pull on clothes the colour of the sky:

Mossdark head, heather legs,

oakstained aran; a nod to these damp fields,

this bruised December skin.

I want to fall to the doldrums

a friend of the bleak earth,

shared seasonal robes summoning

and beckoning: come in, keep on,

We are all low shadows here.

The browning twilight looms. I claw the air:

Let me blend blood with land

so red will stand and call,

brilliant as my body blurs -

Remember cherries bloomed here

this absurd winter.

Cherries in the winterscape, I the pit

stony in myself, cocooned in ripe fruit,

a beacon to track me by.

Caroline O'Shea

Caroline O’Shea currently lives, writes, and works in Dublin, and is a graduate of Trinity College’s M.Phil. in Irish Writing program. “December” is her first published poem.

Twitter: @_CarolineOShea