Alan Weadick


Alan Weadick

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The crying (or is it laughter)

of the cat-chasing gulls

lifting the heart

as ever an off -stage noise could

with their signalling the approach

of the boy-blue sea.

Or even, once upon a time,

the dead fish grey

of a well-earned dawn-

good news either way

to the racket-weary ears

of a City Rat caught rapid

between the canals

by the possibility

that there will soon be

no further to go

without the Help! Help! Help!

of feathers, gills, Mum-tattooed arms

and other life-saving apparatus

for you to gratefully knuckle down

to work at the smithy with,

fashioning scissors

for the cut and paste job

of forging souls

to give out stink with

under the scrutiny of nothing

but the sun

or finally tie a knot in


Alan Weadick

Alan Weadick has had poems most recently published in Cyphers,  the Culture Matters anthology "Cry of the poor", The Stony Thursday Book and upcoming in Blackbox Manifold and Dreich. He lives in Dublin.