John Saunders

At Canet Plage

John Saunders

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The North Westerly’s whisper her name,

he sees her walking like a loose silhouette

in shadows where absence has become presence.

Today the midday sun owns the sky

and diamonds sparkle on the turn of waves,

the heat is a slow march on streets folded in siesta.

She has been gone for longer than she was here,

yet his eyes still catch her beauty in others

and he recalls moments full with small promises.

If he could touch memories they would be warm

like her skin, moist with sweat that trickles,  

perfect as a thousand miracles.

John Saunders

John Saunders’ first collection ‘After the Accident’ was published in 2010. His poems have appeared in many poetry journals in Ireland, The United Kingdom and America and in numerous online journals. His second collection Chance was published in April 2013 by New Binary Press.