Nigel McLoughlin

11. from 'Event Horizon'

Nigel McLoughlin

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             at this time of year
dead flowers of the mind
bloom again together
the primroses are blacksmiths
oceans of luminary lemon
beating out a colour-rhythm
that varies its pitch
with the length of the day

              Pythagoras had it right
there is harmony in this
foxglove nimbus of mountainside
bleak as it is scudding
so high that people are
an anthology of dolls
in the valley moving
through a séance of silence

               the pun of the till
is empty here among night’s
ocean of animal eyes and stars
a toy abandoned on the road
to the crematorium

Nigel McLoughlin

Nigel McLoughlin is the author of five collections of poetry, the latest of which is Chora: New and Selected Poems (Templar Poetry, 2009). He is Professor of Creativity and Poetics at the University of Gloucestershire and edits the journal Iota.