Saakshi Patel

Saakshi Patel was born and raised in Bombay.

She is nearing the end of her MA in Poetry at Queen's University Belfast, where she received the Seamus Heaney Centre International Scholarship. She is also the recipient of the 2021 Ireland Chair of Poetry Student Award and attended the John Hewitt International Summer School as a bursary student.

Saakshi earned her BA in English Literature and Language from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Her poems have been published in ‘yolk’ Literary Magazine and others are scheduled to appear in various anthologies and magazines.

Saakshi has performed poetry readings at the 2021 Installation Ceremony of Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Chancellor of Queen's University Belfast, the Music and Mind Festival, the Ireland Chair of Poetry Award-Winner Showcase, on Poetry Day Ireland and at the Habitat Cafe in Bombay.

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