Rebecca Pyle

Rebecca Pyle is a poet in issues of Die Leere Mitte and The Penn Review; a fiction writer in issues of Gargoyle and Guesthouse and Gris-Gris; an essayist in Muse/A Journal and Litro U.K.; and, an artist with work on covers of, or within, JuxtaProse, Belle Ombre, Watershed Review, The Menteur, New England Review. (See

An American named by her mother for the British film and novel of the same name, Rebecca Pyle lives simultaneously within a very mountainous terrain and within a large city. The character Rebecca deWinter lived near water; Rebecca Pyle does too, very near the vast Great Salt Lake. It once was much vaster, its former vastness called by scientists old Lake Bonneville: estimated to have been twenty thousand square miles across, and popular with mastodons, mammoths, musk oxen.

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