Phil Lynch

Phil Lynch lives in Dublin. His poetry has appeared in a range of literary journals and anthologies, including: Even The Daybreak (35 years of Salmon Poetry), The Clear Light of Day (a Festschrift in honour of Jessie Lendennie and Salmon Poetry), The 2-Meter Review, The Music of What Happens (edited by Tanya Farrelly), The Lea-Green Down (responding to the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh, edited by Eileen Casey), Skylight 47, Revival, Boyne Berries Series, Live Encounters Poetry, The Poetry Bus, Headstuff, OFi Press Literary Magazine (Mexico), Bray Arts Journal, Flare (Sunflower Sessions), Bare Hands Poetry. His work has also been featured on several national and local radio shows. He has been a winner, runner-up and shortlistee in a number of poetry competitions. He is a regular performer at poetry/spoken word events and festivals in Ireland and has performed at events in the USA, UK, Belgium and France. His collection, In a Changing Light, (Salmon Poetry), was published in 2016 ( 

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