Melissa Chemam

Freelance journalist, writer, reporter and radio producer with the BBC World Service & Deutsche Welle, travel-lover passionate about Africa, Europe, literature, music, arts, Melissa Chemam was born in Paris. She studied at the Institute of Political Studies and has been working in various media houses in the past 15 years. Since 2003, she has lived in Prague, Miami, London, Nairobi (covering Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia) and in Central Africa. She also travelled to Italy, Haiti, the Balkans/Caucasus, Tunisia, Liberia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Niger, Turkey… 

She writes about African-European relations, refugee rights, politics, social change, music, art & politics, news & culture from around the world. 

Her first non-fiction book, Massive Attack – Out of the Comfort Zone, on the band and their city, Bristol, is published in the UK in early March 2019. 

Photo by: Marjorie Hache. 

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