John F. Barber

John F. Barber created and curates The Brautigan Bibliography and Archive ( the world’s foremost resource concerning the life and works of Richard Gary Brautigan (1935-1984). This online resource is part academic research project and part homage to Brautigan, with whom Barber was friends during the last years of Brautigan’s life.  Barber’s Richard Brautigan: Essays on the Writings and Life (McFarland 2007) collects thirty-two essays from others who knew Brautigan professionally and personally. Barber teaches in the Creative Media & Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver. His current project is Radio Nouspace (, a web-based radio station; an online, interactive installation / performance work; and a practice-based research site archiving and curating radio-audio drama, radio (transmission) art, and sound poetry to promote and experiment with new forms of sound-based narrative and storytelling.

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