Jim Harris

I am just your run of the mill midlist American novelist actually. I have three published novels: Nowhere Near the Sea of Cortez (Willowgate Press, 2001), A Bottle of Rain (Livingston Press, 2007), and my latest is As God Looked On (Livingston Press, 2016). I am currently under contract for a fourth novel called Delaney and the Bomb (Livingston Press).

All my Livingston Press books are available as Kindle, hardbacks, and paperbacks.  My first novel is out of print but available as a kindle and used.

I rarely write short stories and this one is the only short story I've written since my somewhat acclaimed short story The Hula Girl on Lot 6 was published in 2006, I believe. I stopped teaching college English in 2006 to focus on novels.

My fiction is usually categorized as harsh, funny, and dark. I also have published over 700 music reviews starting in the early 80s in Rolling Stone, SubCulture, SoundBlab, etc. etc. 

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