Federico Italiano

The Italian poet, essayist, and translator Federico Italiano was born in Novara in 1976.  He has published five collections of poetry, of which his 'Habitat' (2015) was awarded the prestigious Premio Tirinnanzi in 2020. Federico Italiano’s poetry has been included in various anthologies in Italy and abroad, is widely published in European literary journals (such as Poesia, Atelier, Akzente, Neue Rundschau, Vatra and Bacchanales among others), and has been translated into several languages, including German, Spanish, English, French, Hungarian, Albanian, Romanian and Dutch.  He is also the author of essays on poetry and literary theory and the co-editor of an anthology of Italian poetry in German translation (with Michael Krüger, Hanser 2013) and of an anthology of  young European poetry (with Jan Wagner, Hanser 2019). He is senior researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, where he lives with his wife and two children.


Born and educated in the U.S., the poet and translator Brenda Porster has lived and worked in Florence for most of her life. Her poems, written both in English and Italian, appear in numerous poetry anthologies, literary journals and online sites both in Italy and abroad, and have been translated into several European languages. As member of the La Compagnia delle Poete, a theater company of transnational women poets writing in Italian, she performs her poetry in multimedia stage productions around Italy and abroad.

Specialized in literary translation, she has translated numerous contemporary Italian poets into English, among them Mario Luzi and Antonella Anedda, as well as short stories and novels. She is English-language translator for Voyages, Journal of New York University in Florence and for the annual Florentine poetry festival, Voci lontane, voci sorelle. She translates children’s books for the Italian publisher Castoro. Working from English to Italian, she introduced and co-translated the English poet Vicki Feaver (Vicki Feaver, La fanciulla che ritrovò le sue mani)for the Italian poetry magazine Poesia, and co-edited three anthologies of contemporary women’s poetry in English and Italian.

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