Dylan Brennan

We Came Up Here to Dream

Dylan Brennan

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by Tochihuitzin Coyolchiuhqui, the Rattle Maker

suddenly we rise from sleep

           we just came up here to dream

it’s not true        it’s just not true

            that we came up here to live

our nature is that of the springtime herb

            our hearts engender

flowers sprout from our flesh

            some unfold their little corollas

and then they dry up 

Dylan Brennan

Dylan Brennan is an Irish writer currently based in Mexico. His poetry, essays and memoirs have been published in a range of international journals, in English and Spanish. His debut poetry collection, Blood Oranges, for which he received the runner-up prize in the Patrick Kavanagh Award, is available now from The Dreadful Press. Twitter: @DylanJBrennan www.dylanbrennan.org