Lynda Tavakoli

War and Want

Lynda Tavakoli

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The dust is first - always,

before the sun crisps the skin

or sand moulds molten heat

between our toes

there is always and ever

the dust to welcome us.

No orifice hides from its gritting

no spit or piss protected from

the chaff of misted rock

that scrapes its way inside –

the powdered bones of the dead

ghosting their revenge.

Yet in the sleeping hours

I still dream of you

beautiful even in the way

that angels are

who smile their enigmatic smiles

among the bloodied spoils of war.

For I feel the rise and fall of us

lusting my nights like the killings

that also lust my days

and will you forgive

my need for you

when you learn

of my hunger for both?

But you are not to know

these soldier’s thoughts

that scar my days and nights -

for the thing that was first is last, always,

disintegrating again to the fineness of dust

welcoming us all. 

Lynda Tavakoli

Lynda Tavakoli facilitates an adult creative writing class in Lisburn. Her poetry and prose have been broadcast on both BBC Radio Ulster and RTE Sunday Miscellany. Literary successes include poetry and short story prizes at Listowel, the Mencap short story competition and the Mail on Sunday novel competition.Lynda’s poems have been included in a wide variety of publicatio ns such as Templar Poets’ Anthology Skein, Abridged,The Incubator Journal, Panning for Poems, Circle and Square, the CAP anthologies, North West Words and Four X Four (Poetry NI). She was selected as The Irish Times Hennessy poet of the month in October of last year for her poems about dementia, a recurring theme in much of her poetry. Having recently returned from Bahrain she is presently working towards her first collection which revolves around her early childhood growing up in 1960’s Northern Ireland.