Julie Morrissy


Julie Morrissy

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nobody is from where I’m from

the density of the cold, the snow murmuring

secrets under my feet

directions to nowhere

chicken coop brains flap their wings

bits of fluff and feathers float

you can swallow them, lick around them

but it won’t feed you

I will send letters out, see what comes back

see which ones I can add to my brain

I want a longer line that stretches

past the death of a field, to the other shore

there are warnings for bears, snakes, cockroaches, bed bugs

but where is the water?

it lies there, dead in snow

the rats in the canal know more about it than we do

the taps turn on bathurst

clouds emerge, fill my glass

with fluoride and snow;

blink and smile

at the story of the academy

…meanwhile, my mind is flown

by the men in sensible, brown shoes

gathered at the soft mud of mossbawn

Julie Morrissy

Julie Morrissy’s work has been published on the both sides of the Atlantic. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Dalhousie Review, the Irish Literary Review, the White Wall Review, and has been shortlisted for broadcast on RTE Radio One. Her short stories have featured in The Bohemyth and Dear John magazine. She holds Master's degrees in Literature, and Creative Writing, and is currently working toward her first poetry collection.