Noel King


Noel King

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Breeze left of us we stroll

the rock road over the cliff

smile at the seawe’ve just left

where we swam clothing-less

and kissed the salt water from our lips.

Your fingers find me

we close hands

your gold ring between

the crook of my 2nd and 3rd fingers;

a ring that bethothes you to another.

Now with me in a cliff hollow

we kiss again, nibble salty tastes

from each other, nudge the flesh

of each other free.

Noel King

Noel King was born and lives in Tralee. His poems, haiku, short stories, reviews and articles have appeared in magazines and journals in thirty-seven countries. His poetry collections are published by Salmon Poetry: Prophesying the Past, (2010), The Stern Wave (2013) and Sons (forthcoming in 2015). He has edited more than fifty books of work by others. Anthology publications include The Second Genesis: An Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry (AR.A.W.,India, 2014).

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