A. N. Higgins

Two Thousand Eleven: Allison Huguet, Missoula, Montana

A. N. Higgins

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The elevation here fucks

with your head so you say

you got roofied. Say

the basement turned

before your cloudy eyes

dizzy as a spinning top. Say

the air is thin

like that.

You ran barefoot and

you run loops around

the track or you just


He’s trailer trash.

This is big sky

country. Suck that scent

of pulp into

your lungs.

Bruises bloom blue

on your white limbs

this red state this blue town.

Your skin thick with secrets

no one bothers to hear.

A. N. Higgins

A. N. Higgins lives, teaches, and writes in Vancouver. Previously, her work has appeared in PRISM Online.