A. M. Cousins

Two Boys

A. M. Cousins

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One summer,

the two Seans put a stone in a sack,

added a litter of kittens

and, holding it as high as they could,

carried it past the girls’ babby-house,

down the lane  

to the old marl hole where

all manner of stuff was dumped.

They used a plastic fertilizer sack

and had to haul it back

with a long stick

and bold curse-words

when it bobbed about

and refused to sink.

Then they decided to give the passengers

a chance to save themselves.

Flung back, they didn’t last long,

except for a small ginger tom,

who swam round and round in circles

and had to be stoned.

At the supper,

the two warriors entertained the threshers -

the part about the swimmer

provoking shouts and laughter,

until my grandmother

cast her eyes around the assembly

and rapped her knife hard

on the table.

A. M. Cousins

A.M. Cousins has had poetry published in The Stinging Fly and THE SHOp and is a regular contributor on RTE's Sunday Miscellany.  She has an MA in Creative Writing (UCD) and a Master's in Education (OU).