Geraldine Snape

The Northern Path

Geraldine Snape

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On the lowest birch branch

Unfazed by my amateur whistling

A robin rests beady eyed

Where rowans thrive.

And in the ferns and laurels

Tarnished now by autumn

We two listen

To the rhythmic running

Of the black unending waters

Sliding over slate

And staining ice house metal.

Then racing

To where lines of lake

Ripple and silver on the edge.

Geraldine Snape

Geraldine Snape had success in the 60s and 70s and then...she raised a family with the potter...Potters House Penketh...she's just getting back in the swing of things and has joined Women Aloud NI and read with others in Bangor Library. She loved it. Also part of a group meeting with Geraldine Green in the Farm near Kirby Lonsdale...loving that too.