Melony Bethala

The Blue Sweater

Melony Bethala

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I am your blue sweater,

the one you wear when you walk

to work on cold, Tuesday mornings.

I hang on your skin in the rain

and you don’t realize how the color

makes your eyes deeper, brighter.

I am the sweet, musky aroma

that clings to you in the smoky bar,

your last memory as you drift into sleep.

Slip me over your head, slide your hands

through my dark spaces, feel my warmth

like candlelight brushing your skin.

Melony Bethala

Melony Bethala is studying for a PhD in literature at the University of York. Her research compares the work of Anglo-phone Irish and Indian women poets, and she is particularly interested in institutions which affect women’s writing. Her poems have appeared in The Honest UlstermanThe Narrator, When Women Waken, Abridged and A Thoroughly Good Blue.