Terry Jones


Terry Jones

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As loved ones buried

grow nails and hair

past recognition,

a fistful of peelings

thrown slovenly to earth

came back in Spring,

leaving me to finger,

stunned as Crusoe,

a row of cold knuckles.

One, forgotten in the cellar,

turned pure alone

and grew a halo of white hair;

another, missed in the sack,

was lifted out

the shrunken head of Medusa.

When I kick the bucket,

bury me with spuds,

a sackful,

that I may spread

and come in a cloud of white

to your door.

Terry Jones

Terry Jones took 1st Prize in the Bridport Poetry Competition in 2011; his first collection, Furious Resonance, was published by Poetry Salzburg that year.  His poems have appeared in The New Statesman, Poetry Review, Agenda, Ambit, The London Magazine, and many other magazines and anthologies. 

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