Suzanne Magee

Smoking, Eight Floors Up

Suzanne Magee

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Putting out a rolled cigarette,

  some still-lit


detaches from the stub

mid-stubbing –

         a final and failing try

desperate to be drawn through-

a threat,


    combusts, almost,

like final inches of flesh

consumed by hands


while the cranes beam

two red lights each over Belfast

and in through my window –

    a delay in Samson -

    their gaping Titan limbs like

they’re on


    waiting for their

last lover to take them again,

  the red-orange lights


that they still exist

   and not to get

too close

Suzanne Magee

Suzanne Magee is a writer from Belfast, a graduate of English, and postgraduate of Classical Studies. She has had work published in print and online literary magazines, and is working on her first chapbook.