Anna Walsh

siren song

Anna Walsh

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the barnacles stick under

my fingernails and belly

sometimes i find small white worms

filmy, shining

under my skin,

it does not matter

they touch me anyways

they pretend to their wives

they do not like the slime or the slip

i do not know why men lie to me

they always have callouses

on their hands

i like the rough ball of worked fingers

on my too-soft stomach

they say

with meat in their voice

that i am a delicacy,

pale and white

they swallow me saltily,

so easily

they kiss my forehead

say my hair is so long

and beautiful

my eyes are so blue

i tell them it is because i cry all day

and they leave me alone

my siren rock is covered in snails

gull shit, eyelashes

my own filth

i sing mist to small grey fish

they swim around me all day

i tried to kick them away and

my rock flooded with eyeballs

loosed in death and ocean

accusing me of all the things that i have done

Anna Walsh

Anna Walsh is from Mullingar, and holds an MA in Creative Writing. Published in the Honest Ulsterman, Bohemyth, Headstuff, and others, she is currently working on her first book. She co-runs The Gremlin.

Twitter: @annaw999