Jan Napier

Rocketeer Poppa

Jan Napier

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Aloft he sits, this rocketeer, farseer

beside him, lights of houses rousing

down the valley, there and there and there,

his stars. Lost in the blue lull of reverie, 

he raises a hand as if in praise, pale Buddha

to omming mosquitoes.

Below, a bewilder of women gabble

and slam through rooms. Kitchen witches

stir pots of bubble and pumpkin, cut up

runner beans slim and green as young girls;

bedroom windows sprout duvets like wings,

and bathroom brass gossips to gold.

Strangers with faces like pink flowers kiss

and call Poppa, pilot him to soup and midday

soaps. He wishes sky, but speech escapes like the grey

kitten. Wittering back to where clouds pass like days,

he blasts off, and lost between worlds, forgets the spyglass.

Finds it too hard to adjust.

* Farseer is a very old word for  telescope.

Jan Napier

Jan Napier is a Western Australian writer. Her work has been showcased in journals and anthologies both within Australia and overseas. Her first poetry collection Thylacine was launched in 2015.