Kelly Creighton

reopening the roads

Kelly Creighton

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all the bags of returns

a white hive of eggs

squash top-to-bottom in your car

set them on the counter and look away

a folding for resale

any more    she asks

you imagine a queue behind you until one grows

you haven't heard this song in years

in the car    worthy farm

or on a twilight-less televised set

that fails to cut any night in two

take either road now

they are all wishbones    meeting

where your car rattles

her oil-thirsty tic    see a lamppost

wearing a soft floral belt

that fallen headdress

eat this secret lunch    wings and ribs

see the reopening roads unpause this town

though not entirely

very soon an old friend

after some research

will text with vague condolences

you must call her unseated    ask her to clarify

she will soon pick up

unsure then direct

then the children will need collected

and you must make that school-run small talk

or tongue the white meat of your teeth

Kelly Creighton

Kelly Creighton works in community arts. Her début novel The Bones of It (Liberties Press, 2015) was nominated for the Kate O'Brien Award. She has been runner-up for the McLaverty Award and shortlisted for a number of fiction and poetry prizes. Kelly's work has appeared in numerous literary journals. She is founding editor of The Incubator, a journal showcasing the contemporary Irish short story. Her story collection will be published later this year.

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