Dawn Watson


Dawn Watson

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Your dad looked like he did the day I saw him

on the road; gesturing to the trees.

I dreamed I asked him Does grief change you

as you get older? He looked at his hands,

rye-textured, and asked me what I thought.

But I’ve always seen grief as small triangles,

sharp colour, drawn with strong lines.

My recurring dream since childhood –

two rectangles rubbing together to create colour

that feels like an itch in your throat.

The geometrical beauty of low winter sun

is that everyone’s shadow is a bow compass.

Dawn Watson

Dawn Watson was born and raised in Belfast. Her work has been published in The Vacuum, performed in the Lunchbox Theatre (The Importance of Tombs and Finger) and she was shortlisted for the Brian Moore Short Story Award. Dawn is a former career sub editor for the News of the World and The Sunday Times. She is currently completing a BA in English with Creative Writing at Queen’s University.