Shane Vaughan

quantum, entangled

Shane Vaughan

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two atoms can be made

to feel the other’s presence

these atoms can be separated by

antipodal notes and yet

still feel the quiver in one

as the other is being interrogated

is this, then, what the

knot in my stomach is?

Shane Vaughan

Shane Vaughan is a writer of poetry, prose and plays. His work has been published in Silhouette Press, Poetry NI, The Pickled Body, Unbroken Journal, Roadside Fiction, Silver Apples and elsewhere. In 2015 his play, Jacqueline, ran in the Cork School of Music. He runs Stanzas: an Evening of Words, where he publishes a chapbook of new writing every month and is a board member of The Limerick Fringe which debuts March 2017. 

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