Hiram Larew


Hiram Larew

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What a fairy tale you are.

What a shaky cold branch that’s blooming.

What a long ago blue you seem to be

Or distant barkings.

What a twitch you are inside of me.

Our time that’s left is puddles -

This slotted sky is love.

Your hair seems to travel backwards.

And your matter most of alls are

Forever fields of fond of.

Who truly trusts such wondrous mornings?

Who looks ahead through always leaves?

Who folds hillsides into mosts and longings?

Who becomes so much more of me?

Who will believe such wishes like starting

Again and again?

Hiram Larew

Hiram Larew lives in Maryland, USA.  His poems have appeared in several print and online journals, most recently The Amsterdam Quarterly, Shot Glass, and Viator.  He is a international food security specialist.