Frank Farrelly


Frank Farrelly

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In the foyer of the Grand Hotel

beneath the chandeliers and stucco-work

a man mistakes me for another.

I nod obligingly –easier than explain,

then wonder if the one he took me for

ever gets the same. I order tea, check

my Twitter feed; someone from Vienna

favourites my pic of Vertigo.

At a crowded table, I see someone

I haven’t met in years -last I heard

he was dry, living with a woman

he encountered in AA, looks calmer

now, not laughing loudly as he did,

and tragic-eyed, as if heart-smitten

by bad news. When he gets up,

I peer more closely at the screen,

half-terrified he’ll pat me on the arm,

say my name.

But he brushes by, pays and leaves.

Strangely smaller now, wider round

the waist- hard to say it’s him.

Frank Farrelly

Frank Farrelly is a teacher from Waterford, and have had poems published in The SHOp, The Stinging Fly, Fish Anthology, Crannog, Revival, The Stony Thursday Book, Boyne Berries, Poets Meet Politics and Poets Meet Painters. He was shortlisted for the Writers Spirit Award 2010 and won 2nd Place in the Doolin Poetry Prize.

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