Sophie Meehan


Sophie Meehan

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Thorns drawn into His body

Do you know why this is called a passion flower?

Chalk on his hands,

He thinks about kneeling and not standing up

Orm ort air uirthi

Your mother ripped herself in two for you

And He bore it through for you

Now, continue:

On me on you on he on she

They were shot blindfolded in a yard full of stones,

Some tied to chairs, so that you could be free.

He’s counting the tiles in the ceiling,

Counting the days until he knows to be grateful

For all that he has lost.

On us on you on them

Orainn oraibh orthu

Don’t you know the names of all the rivers in Ireland?

What did they teach you in national school?

Sophie Meehan

Sophie Meehan is a final year English student at Trinity College Dublin. She writes fiction and poetry, with work appearing in Icarus, The SHOp Magazine of Poetry and The Bohemyth. She reads at some events around Dublin. Sophie also creates and illustrates characters for children and grown up children.